ellen catlin is a contemporary american painter and sculptor working in asheville, north carolina.

originally from north florida, ellen was raised on a sailboat circumnavigating the world with her family. she went on to receive her bfa in painting from the university of georgia and made her way up and down the east coast before settling in western north carolina.

in her work she explores memory and experience, and how they manifest themselves in a person. an origin story is her keystone. in her own take on storytelling, she focuses on subconscious pairings, dusty recollections, and the translation of those feelings you can’t quite identify into a mark. each brushstroke and color have a distinct and representational purpose which, in the end, culminates into a story told.
she also paints plants.

her work can be found in private collections in new york city, los angeles, washington dc, atlanta, detroit, and more.